Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You ever wonder?

Have you ever wondered what a pedophile might look like when he/she grows older?

Many pedophiles use what they call a sigpic to authenticate their posts on perverts' message boards. This is a picture of a pedophile (now an adult) who goes by the name "Kody." The link is to a photo he claims was taken of him when he was a much younger person; the image is hosted by pedophile Ian Hodgson ("Tangie"/"Somersault"/"Martin Somers" - among several additional names he goes by on the Net).

What might "Kody" look like as he ages? The photo appearing at the top of this blog entry could be a good indication; he might have less hair, shorter hair, no hair... but you get the picture. He's a pedophile who has stated that he is a pilot who volunteers for Young Eagles in Canada. His YF (young friend) is someone he calls "Dave."

You can see clips "Kody" shared for pedophiles to enjoy:

Dave Flying
Touch & Go on a Lake (likely near pedophile Ian Hodgson's residence in Canada)

He or Hodgson could delete posts, but it won't make a difference. Plenty of people have already stored the posts.

Young Eagles might recognize the pedophile and it should halt his interactions with boys under the age of consent in Canada.

"Kody" frequently posts about "Dave" and his mother: Here.


Blogger Proud To Be Anti Perv said...

Jeez, that's one ugly old man!

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