Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blocking Benjamin Rzadca's posts

Convicted sex offender Benjamin Rzadca - a.k.a. Dannywyatt - was the subject of an earlier entry: Pedophiles' Paradise provides protection. Some of the posts - the perv left for other pedos at their threaded discussion boards - are no longer accessible by hyperlinking (from this blog direct to his posts). Hmmm. What's up with that?

Did Rzadca say too much, say the wrong things, say things he didn't want law enforcement in Missouri to notice?; i.e., he's, once again, spending time on-line with other pedos? he wants to be a cross-country trucker? he carries a concealed weapon? No matter: Too late. Several people read and saved the posts he penned for pervs - as illustrated by screen shots taken of his posts when they were still accessible. Also, his "Greetings" to pedos still opens - by copying and pasting into another browser window.

It makes no sense for pervs to block access to his posts (from anti-perv blogs); it's futile to attempt mopping-up after him. In addition to this blog noting his activities, Absolute Zero has also remarked on his missive:

Hate can always backfire
Posted by dannywyatt on 2006-June-21 16:28:40, Wednesday

Maybe Rzadca can convince perverts to block accessing his posts (from links), but he's not very stealth or acting under any "radar." Once a pervert, always a pervert: Rzadca is living proof:

So like, yeah like, umm know...
Posted by dannywyatt on 2006-June-29 20:27:48, Thursday


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Thank you, AZ, for your nice comment. And, please feel free to link to the entries on this blog about "Dannywyatt"/Benjamin Rzadca. I'm extremely busy with work right now but when time permits I'll drop you a note.

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