Monday, July 17, 2006

"Didaskalos": Mark Miner, Athens, GA

Pedophilia must be draining Mark Miner's brain cells. He "outted" himself when he was a teacher in La Jolla, CA. The effect? He was fired - after boasting to pervs about boys at the school where he taught, and after the school was assisted in its awareness (about Miner).

Once wasn't enough. Miner outted himself again, which is how the screenshot of him (above) was obtained:

Pindar: WHY you should care....
Posted by Didaskalos on 2005-December-17 06:44:48, Saturday
(Remember: copy/paste links from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

Look in his post where he wrote, "That's me, Mark, the geeky guy in the toga." He cited a link to:

Right click on the photo (to the right), copy/paste the URL in a new browser window, and... what have you got? A photo of Mark Miner.

He takes a lot of nerve to suggest:

Rewriting Miller's Crucible for Justin Berry
Posted by Didaskalos on 2006-July-16 21:30:06, Sunday

Here's a better idea: Tell Athens First Presbyterian Church (Athens, GA) that your interest in boys is not teaching but stems from the fact that you're a pedophile who brags to other perverts:

Church class...
Submitted by Didaskalos on 2006-07-14 21:57:39, Friday

Going to have to talk on BL at church:
Posted by Didaskalos on 2006-May-14 21:33:05, Sunday

Game-Theory analysis of BL/FV relations
Posted by Didaskalos on 2006-May-14 21:57:16, Sunday

Two Boy-Moments I been savin'....
Posted by Didaskalos on 2005-December-24 12:07:48, Saturday

Easy Question
Posted by Didaskalos on 2005-November-10 23:08:18, Thursday


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just said that he caused the death of a child through food poisoning on the somersault tech board. The mother of the child wants to sue him.

She should probably know his background.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous proud2bantiperv. said...

His comment on the Tech Forum was stated as a nightmare. I don't think a death really happened.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this guy has just appeared in our church here in Decatur, GA, and he now lives in Clarkston, GA. If so, I want to make sure worship is open to all, no matter what, but cannot risk his presence around children if he is predatory. Is there some way to see if he has an actual criminal record? Post it here, and I will follow up and send to our church leaders. Thanks!

7:13 PM  

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