Saturday, August 05, 2006

Revisiting "Wolfboi": Jay A. Childers

It was bad enough when "Wolfboi" (Jay Childers) noted that he was convicted for crimes against a 13-year-old boy, yet he has also stated that he has been convicted for offenses against a 14-year-old girl. What's that make him: A serial offender/perpetrator? with an increased risk of recidivism?

Does the state of Florida know that he has penned admissions of offenses against a minor-age female, too?

If he wasn't telling the truth about the boy or the girl, that makes him... A liar who is definitely cited by FDLE as a registered sex offender.

Why should anyone believe anything that he states, and most especially when he proclaims that he poses no risk to children - when he has written he's been convicted for offenses against a boy and a girl! Bottom-line: Keep kids away from him. He is a registered sex offender who has claimed to have been convicted for multiple unlawful acts.

The Life Story
Posted by Wolfboi on 2006-January-19 00:10:17, Thursday
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Re: What about...
Posted by Wolfboi on 2006-February-12 23:14:12, Sunday

If Jay Childers can't remember the crime(s) for which he was convicted and sentenced, that's his problem. He might benefit from a psych. evaluation since he was so inclined to leave comments (for this blog, which have been deleted since I've not the time or patience for engaging in a pissing match with a pervert) seeking to downplay his own admissions that he evidently can't remember (on his own!). According to his words, he's a repeat offender. He's seeking sympathy among the non-suspecting.

Remember his name -- Jay A. Childers -- and also visit the FDLE Sex Offender & Predators website.

Get help, Jay. You have demonstrated that you need it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the not so much pleasure of working with this individual whom by the way works for a transportation that, you guessed it, transports children and adults alike. Hiding something of this importance is doing nothing for his reputation and someone who is this delusional about the boundaries an adult should have with a child needs help.

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