Friday, September 29, 2006

"Dylan Thomas," here's a reality check

What a moron: He writes as if, somehow, the perp who presented himself to "Dylan" as "Jonny Chimpo" has the ability to petition for "Cogs" (known to non-pedophiles as moderators) to lift a ban so that he, might, resume posting at pedo message boards:

Not Mike.
Posted by Dylan Thomas on 2006-09-27 21:20:14, Wednesday
(Remember: copy/paste the link above from this blog; some pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

Dang, his pedophilia must be eating away at some brain cells. The perv who called himself "Chimpo" (along with parading more nyms) is looking at a long time in federal prison. Didn't the (former) BC webmaster realize that "Chimpo" is Frank Rey Lucero? What a nit-wit!

Ohh, sorry, maybe D.T.'s recent arrest messed him up more than he's willing to admit. Bummer. LOL! No wonder pedos within his flock don't even trust him!


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