Friday, September 01, 2006

Thank you Utah Law Enforcement

To everyone who helped send Frank Rey Lucero to Federal Prison for 20 years: Way To Go!

Pedos should recognize his photo (above) since they gave him what they mistakenly thought "safe haven" at their message boards. Big mistake!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006, their pervert pal Lucero pleaded guilty to sex crimes ... as a result: He's on his way to prison. How cool is that? Luv it!

Lucero's status can be verified by clicking:

For those not familiar with Lucero, he used the names Deacon Blues, Deac, Chimpo, Johnny Chimpo, Knarf, Big Nasty.... Well, let's just say he used a lot of names (other than his legal one) online. He was also a friend to/of Phillip DiStasio.

"I haven't done anything. I'd never molest or hurt a child," so he feigned. "I'm not in Salt Lake, Utah. I'm nowhere near that place," so he claimed. Uhhh, Midvale, UT? Close enough.

Here's more about how he found himself in jail:

Now that his online pedo pals, and little boys, won't be his snuggle buddies, I wonder who will cozy up next to him at night in Federal Prison. Enjoy, Lucero!

It bears repeating: Thank you! LEOs in Utah for getting the lying, perpetrating scum off the streets!


Blogger Daydreamer of Oz said...

Amen, Iluv. These LEOs did great getting this scumbag off the street!

I wonder who will cozy up next to him at night in Federal Prison

Bubba? :)

11:18 PM  

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