Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why do BLs shield "Tangie"/"Somersault"

Ian Hodgson must have some really good "poop" on the rest of the pedos that they allow him to verbally beat on one of their own:

It's outing, pure and simple.
Posted by Somersault on 2006-December-1 00:09:16, Friday
In reply to Yes, but... posted by fntm on 2006-November-30 22:56:13, Thursday
(Remember: copy/paste the link from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

The perp has lost it! He just cries "I'm gonna kill myself" all over the place, and yet... the pedo freak runs "back-up" forums???

Who trusts this freak? Ohh, other pedos. He's just so f'ing borderline that even pedos should be running from him, but, nooooooo...

Instead, Ian Hodgson ends up the "point man" for pedos whom rape boys and end up incarcerated. Nice go-between he's elected himself to be and others allow. What is it that he has over the rest that they enable his dysfunctional relations with others? and encourage him?

Ahhh, he's another Robert Vann Smith. They gave Ian Hodgson too much detail. They fear he's gonna wig out and flip on them, too.

The pedo freaks have more than one loose cannon in their ranks :).

Stupid "Somersault" (Ian Hodgson) thought he could wipe out posts at the forums he runs; he attempted deleting posts for Frank Rey Lucero. Uhhh, he was too late. What he thought he had deleted had already been saved; those posts led to his perp pal Lucero finding his way into federal prison.

The more Hodgson says and does, the deeper he sinks pedos. He's so funny to watch. He's so ... into himself. And, no, he won't kill himself. He only threatens for attention. If he does, I hope it's not in a park like a "Gort" (Chris Nolan) since pedos claim they'd never hurt a child. No child need see a sex predator dangling from a tree branch.

If Hodgson wants to kill himself, just let him do it in private.


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