Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About the image at the entry below...

For better readability of the image, you might have to download it, open it, and magnify or enlarge it in an image viewer on your computer.

The message is entitled "My mom found out & about Jyme"; it was posted by "Kolekona Paulo Keo'keo," Gordon P. White; it is dated Wednesday, July 2, 1997; and, it originally appeared at this (old/outdated) URL for "BoyChat"

There's no worry that links cited, in the previous entry, will be deleted. As pedos know: Screenshots enable preserving what pedos want wiped off the Net:

Our Worst fears are true
Posted by Komerat on 2006-December-4 15:57:12, Monday

We've known Gordon White's ID and location for nearly a decade, and we discovered it by info. he penned.

Despite his ramblings, we've never contacted him. We've also never tried killing him - or attempted to incite any type of violence against any pedo. Sounds like Gordon could use some A.A. meetings:

I know...
Posted by PPC on 2006-December-5 15:06:28, Tuesday


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