Friday, December 01, 2006

Many Thanks "PPC" ... Gordon P. White

It's rather evident you read this blog.

Your post affirms what we have known for a very long time. Don't worry that you did something wrong by posting for pedos to also see that you, too, know whom "Tangie" is in Real Life (RL).

He outted himself long ago with his carelessness. He also led to us learning the ID of his former YF, "Teraniel." (No, we won't be sharing info. about "Teraniel" here; he was exploited amply by Ian Hodgson, whom threatens to kill himself in an attempt to evoke a response from his fromer YF. Hodgson will need to deal with the mis-placed guilt he wants to impose on his YF/victim, but the perp is too messed up in the head and self-pity to "get it." He's a lost cause.)

Please... read and re-read as many times as you need: If Hodgson wants to string himself up from a tree, that is his problem. We cannot stop him. If he does it, it's not anyone else's problem - unless he does a "Gort" in a park where kids might see him hanging. That is trauma... and becomes a prob. for kids whom will see him dangling :(.

The point: "Gort" (Chris Nolan) and his roomie, Phil DiStasio, constantly stated at BC that they'd never hurt a boy. Well, ol' "Gort" was really thinking of boys when he strung himself to a tree and dangled in a park? He had no idea who would discover his body. That suggests, he didn't care who he hurt, even if it was a boy who found him hanging.

If Ian Hodgson wants to act so stupidly, we simply say: Do it in private. That's our point. Don't do it where there is a risk a child may have to discover him hanging around. But... he won't. He's just out for the drama. He can get mental health. Goodness knows: He needs it! But... he doesn't get the professional help his public display of "issues" warrant.

That lame-o "d" (at BC) requested a deletion of confirmation, and he got the telling post deleted: Kudos to "d" - from Texas! But... then, again, we really didn't need "d" to affirm anything; we know all about "Tangie."

It's always nice when others prove our points, though.

BTW: PPC, your name has been Gordon P. White for years. Why anyone thinks that that will magically change... Hmmm. Ain't gonna happen.

Damien Roberto Andres Cole, Robert Vann Smith, and so many perps who have been exposed keep trying.

Take a different approach. You don't even have plausible deniability.


Blogger ~**Violet Leaves**~ said...

I just read a post at BC and posted the screenshot at my blog. Ghostwriters computer is still on?
I think this is evident of them filesharing child porn and more than likely ghostwriter (Robert Vann Smith)
was sharing photos of the boys he was molesting.

The police will be notified of Robert Vann Smith's computer still being on and that they need to check it, if they haven't already.

7:17 AM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

Thank you, Violet L :).

It would appear that some of the pervs are interested in the status of RVS's computer.

I couldn't even cite when Proud2B is online; we aren't streaming.

But... again... we ain't into the stuff that the pervs are.

Chances are, since authorities also stated their awareness that RVS is a native of Georgia, they likely executed a search on his residence. Maybe an agent from the DOJ or US Attorney's office had control of some things, at that point :).

If "Abraxas" is not the same CA sex offender mentioned in our blog: Where did he go??? Even "Norbert" asked his peer pedos. Hmmmm.

Keep on keeping on; you're doing well, too.

11:36 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

"Rookiee," most likely, PPC will change his nick. No prob. there. He has a distinct writing style.

They are rolling in the crap they let loose.

Oh well: They did it to themselves and are back-biting each other. Really odd for a bunch of pervs whom claim they offer support to one another.

If they are not molesting, then: Why don't they use their legal names when posting? Instead, we're all seeing nothing but threads seeking to rationalize and make speculations about non-pedos.

That they are not using their legal names, for the most part: It cuts to the fact that they do not want their relatives, friends, and others knowing.

Our purpose is: Get the names known publicly. That's the aim of preventing them from pulling a Phil DiStasio, a Robert Molloy, a Chad Frank, a Walter Davis.... The list is too long of pedos from BC who "loved" boys so much that they ended up in courts.

Liars, one and all, are they.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, great ))

8:17 PM  

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