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Donald Jonathan Shepherd's flawed logic

Ain't it grand how life can be stranger than fiction: Donald J. Shepherd (D.O.B. 09.11.85) is living proof. He appears to be desperate, trying to convince others - or himself ? - that he isn't who he has claimed to be: "....I shouldn't have taken someone's identity either. That was stupid. Using pictures of someone to gain information...." Oh, so that explains why he is still using the name Donald Shepherd???

His logic is seriously messed up. Uhmm, most notably: Contrary to his rationalization, pedos are not interested in forging a "relationship" with an 18 year-old female; they like their "girls" a whole lot younger than 18, which is what makes them pedophiles. Yahoo is not interested in adults who contact other adults and talk about sex: "....I was masquerading as an 18 yo female to lure in Perverts and report them to Yahoo...." So, he was pretending to be 18 to lure adults into communicating with someone they would reasonably believe is a young adult female, only to report them - and for what? or to attract pedophiles into contacting him? Either way: It makes no sense.

News flash, Donald: Anti-pedos have read your messages requesting that "GirlChat" admins. delete all of your posts:

PING: Admin
Posted by emovocals on Thursday, January 4 2007 at 09:44:49pm

Your name, Donald, has been linked to pedo boards - through search engines - for a long while, and you've only recently made that discovery? A little slow, wouldn't you say:

Well...Its not really
Posted by emovocals on Thursday, January 4 2007 at 11:20:50pm

You can kiss your nanny job(s) good-bye. We're not buying your attempts to conceal the fact that you are as we stated: A pedophile:

Your searching right

Posted by emovocals on Friday, January 5 2007 at 11:18:37pm

You can continue deleting (i.e., your advertisement for a bisexual f--k date on your twenty-first birthday) and you can block your profiles from public viewing. Your actions - after learning that others can access your history of posts at pedophile message boards - are nothing but futile.

You have heard of screenshots, haven't you? Anti-pedos have taken plenty - to retain what you are seeking to wipe out. You're too late. Your efforts at damage control have failed miserably.

If you attempt to post another anonymous message here about yourself, you better have verifable proof; we've heard from another pedo making claims similar to yours. Next line of crap you try feeding people? You might want to come up with something original.

The last person to purport the same as you is a convicted sex offender. We know, we know: You've both worked undercover. We're sure you do. Now, take your hands off your "software"; it might cause your stumpy to shrink. According to you, Donald, it's already "smaller than average."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What proof could I possibly have to support that claim? Can you answer me that? Donald and didn't want children to endure sex abuse. Perhaps he fell too far into their world. Became too closely attached to them, but I am asure you that he isn't or has ever been a pedophile. Please stop your madness. The last person that mad the same claims as I, may have been a convicted sex offender, but I am not. As you can tell. Donald posted several of his locations. You should run his name against the Nationwide offender registry. However, if you think this is what you need to do, Than do it. However, you reep what you sew. Remember that.


7:18 PM  
Blogger Proud To Be Anti Perv said...

Excuse me? "Donald and "who?" didn't want to have children? Are you trying to pass off as the wife of perv Donald?

I don't know about you but most people "reap what they sow" unless you use a needle and thread.

Invest in a dictionary you lame brain.

8:11 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

Look, Donald, you might wish to consider that you are only embarrassing yourself. Really. You have claimed on your lame-o blog that not one bit of info. here is correct. First, back that up. All of the information is 100 percent accurate about each perv, including yourself.

Too many times have we received mail from pervs saying we're wrong. Take a look at where, e.g., Frank Rey Lucero and Robert Vann Smith are housed. They also tried to convince themselves we are wrong. Look how far that got them.

That you are a pathological liar has no bearing on our information. Regardless of where you currently work/reside, you're still a pedo. If you lied about where you live that means you lied, not us. The truth you told: Your legal name. That places you among the ranks of the dumb when it comes to pedos; your peers tried to warn you and you crapped all over them.

You know, it's unlawful to represent yourself as working as "undercover" when you truly are not. You are no more undercover than is David Todeschini. It's not "if" he is a convicted sex offender; he is a convicted sex offender. Scroll down the entries of the blog and read. Then, go to the NY SOR and look up his name. I guarantee, you'll find him.

No one here called you a registered sex offender. You've been called a pedophile. Get it straight and stop trying to toss smoke-screens. It's totally ineffective.

Proof that you've worked undercover? you ask. Send the name/contact info. of the officer(s) with whom you've worked or have the officer(s) write directly from a non-anonymous or from a non-throw-away address:

iluv2surf @ - remove the spaces between the @ symbol.

We will check the headers and contact the officer(s).

It's completely realistic. Your contact(s) can back your claim, but no one will because? You're not telling the truth - in the slightest.

It's that simple and that easy. You won't do it. You're lying through your teeth (or, fingertips).

Not only that, you appear, by your own words, to have been reviewing child pornography. You do know: That doing so is also a crime.

Please, for God's sake, learn how to spell. Have you no spellcheck on your computer? It's torture reading your writing. You're butchering language.

Your problem is: You just don't want people knowing that you are a pedophile.

Tough shit. Your location may not trail you for life but your legal name will - even if you seek to change it.

P.S.: Until we hear from your officer contact(s) and confirm that it is law enforcement, don't bother writing again. You're just making a bigger ass of yourself.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Shepherd said...

You know, I have been thinking about something for a while. i am even sort of updated my blog. (Just for you, so feel special).

My legal information is all over the net. If I really were a pedophile, and I were preying on children. (by taking childcare positions). Wouldn't you think that your "outing" me would have attracted some kind of attention by law enforcement? Yeah... I thought so. I replied to your comment on my "lame-o" blog with something similar, but I thought I would bring this here, so other might enjoy me embarrassing myself.

So, I have stupidly admitted to viewing Child pornography. Oops! Interesting thing is that PD in the location that I was going this, knew about it.

No, again I never said (other than the facade on Girl Chat) that I was working for or with Law Enforcement. That was your assuming and putting words in other's mouths. Also, if I truly were undercover, don't you think giving you information about who/what agency I am working for would blow that cover? Jee whiz Mr. For someone claiming to be so intelligent. You sure you ignorant.

I'd like to tell you a story, and you post it if you wish, but please contact me first. I am sure the whole world would love to know the truth about Mr. Donald Jonathan Shepherd. Oh...and I do mean the truth.

you can write me at jonshepherd @

Oh and BTW, Maranda works for me....

11:13 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

Why does anyone here care if Maranda works for you? Ohhh, that's right: You're illiterate.

Miranda might work better for you, dumb ass.

Keep posting - and digging yourself a deeper hole.

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It hurts me that when I google Donald's name I find this unresearched, unfounded garbage about him. Something someone says in repsective anonymity on a website cannot go that far. Really, how many grown men couldn't wait for the Olsen twins to turn 18 so that their attraction would be legal? Donald is only 21, childhood being not so far behind him. If he is attracted to 15 year old girls, why would that make him dangerous? If he himself was sleeping with a 27 year old, no one would think badly of that person.

Donald, from the first time I met him, has been nothing but honest with me. He cares for children deeply, and in a purely non-sexual way. He is not a liar, perv and is in no way dangerous. As far as his internet identities go, Donald has actually been MORE honest than most. As far as the alter-egos, there are many many people creating much stranger alter-egos than Donald did with the girl.

At any rate, my point is that these online identities are fake. I don't know who you are Iluv2Surf - you could be anyone. You could have 1000 other names, pretending to be 1000 different people, but as long as you are yourself when you leave the computer, what's the difference? You can't prove anything because of what someone writes on the internet. It's what someone does that counts.

What Donald does is pure and honest. No one is perfect, he is no saint, but as for myself, I know that he is a wonderful person. My best friend, an amazing musician, and someone I can trust. Because of the garbage you have written people who haven't even met him (and you haven't) don't trust him because you have drawn false conclusions.

Shame on you, and may someone drag you through the mud as you have done to Donald. (Don't even play like you've never done anything you regret. Someone knows about it, and someone holds your future in their hands...)

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is now posting messages about how his current employer allows him to sleep with her children, his name is jon5 on, please stop him!!!

8:09 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

What Donald does is salivates when he sees children (betcha like when he wets himself over 'em, too).

I'm sure he is a "wonderful person," if you like child abusers:

You sure know how to pick 'em!

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me shed only the slightest light on this: in Donald's own words, "From the time I was 3 to 6 I was passed around like a bag of potato chips..." Turn that over in your head for a moment. How does a person reel themselves in from 3 years of consistent, persistent abuse happening at such a young age? How are you supposed to find healing from that? I'm sure you can think of a dozen ways a person should have gotten healing, but he was so young.

His first "attraction to children" surfaced when he was 12, if I recall his story correct. He was a child himself, almost immediately dubbed a "pedophile" by anyone he spoke to. He tried to take a medicine that helped, but made him violently ill.

He HATES the part of himself that struggles with this attraction. I think he feels safe with children and he truly does love them, but that line that should never be crossed was crossed for him far too early for him to understand. What begins as a healthy love turns sexual, as was done to him. Pedophilia is a highly misunderstood epidemic, with many causes and so far no real cures. What's the answer?

I pray for peace for Donald. I pray for peace for his family and friends, the people who know him for what he is inside and could be and wants to be. I pray that his entire life isn't hindered by this disease. I pray this experience leads him to retroactive healing and I pray for healing for the family that he worked for. If you want change maybe you should pray too. Frankly, because nothing else is working. Not for Donald, not for others who have been abused or continue abusing. I don't understand it, and I don't like it. But reigning judgement and hate is wrong and counterproductive. Punishment without real healing and change won't make a difference. Is rehabilitation even possible?

We've done a good job finding a "nailing" these so-called "monsters" - but what do we do with them once we have them? Let us put real thought and care into finding a solution for people like him and the young boy who was in his care, who, from all the studies I've done, is destined to follow a similar path. God, let there be a way out of this hellish cycle. It makes me cry and makes me ill, but most of all it makes me hope that God is able to do all that my faith says He can - cause if He can't, what's the point of any of this?

9:31 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

How 'bout you mull this over: No one forced Shepherd to use his online access to participate in threaded discussion boards with other pedophiles.

Their aim is not to prevent abuse but to foster a climate that seeks to "normalize" pedophilia.

What to do with the D.S.'s "allegedly" preying on childen or on teens? Lock 'em up and toss the key. The recidivism rate for offenders indicates the way to keep children safer from them? Stop letting them out. They cannot be trusted.

Again, he, just like James Finn, III, and so many convicted from the pervert mssg. boards: Made the choice to surround himself with those of like mindset.

All-the-while, trying to convince themselves non-predators have it all wrong and are hurting children/teens. By what? Not molesting and raping them?

Get real.

The only way rehab works for a sex offender if the motivation is internally driven, not imposed.

3:59 AM  

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