Friday, May 18, 2007

A paradise for pedophiles

Check out this article by Martin Patriquin:

People have been sharing their comments at the following:

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Who is PopaBear? He's none other than Stacey B. Katz. And: What about Ian Hodgson? Read more about him: Here. Katz and Hodgson have always been rather mouthy. LOL!!!


Anonymous Dark Lillith said...

I have some interesting updates for you regarding the infamous Epiflora web server based in Montreal. The heat is very much on for them right now; whether or not this has an effect on their activities remains to be seen.

There was a story on our local news that named the web server. The media contacted the phone number listed but was told that the company does not speak to the press. According to the report? An estimated 95% of the sites Epiflora hosts are dedicated to pedophilia.

5:18 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

It's doubtful that the attention being afforded Epifora - and the pro-pedophile domains it hosts - will have an ill-effect on pedophiles.

Problem is: Law enforcement doesn't "see" the same data as do non-perverts. They review what remains, not what has been dished for pedophiles to savor before deletion. Officers are also not "embedded" in the trenches - seeing the private files and messages flying through the domains. Could officers garner a more accurate overview? Yes, only, time-consuming efforts won't inflate "success rates" nearly as quickly as going after chat room pervs preying on children or teens.

On the surface? Looks as if pedophiles are not breaking any laws.

But... It's a facade. Much of their data is not searchable via engines. It's there, only it takes effort to see it and digest the ramifications.

Epifora sites are a conduit for engaging in unlawful conduct committed against boys and girls under the legal age of consent.

How many convicted sexual predators need "cluster" and "nest" before someone really says: "This shit ain't right; there's much more to the picture than meets the eye"?

It's not one or two previously convicted sex offenders at the helm of the sites.

It doesn't take a Baby Einstein to fit the pieces of the puzzle - just probable cause. But, most of the time, officers "miss" seeing all that others have seen amply - while the data remained online for all the world to see. Because the data has not been offered to officers? No. Because it is so overwhelming and most agencies are not investing in more than nailing pervs whom use intant messaging or synchronous chat systems. It's the easy "kill" that garners funds.

Sad, huh? But the reality.

According to the report: How do the non pedo site admins. feel about being on the same servers as pedophiles? I betcha no one asked that question, huh. Hmmmm.

It's the questions not asked that speak louder than anything.

No one in media really wants to dig beneath the surface.

For pedophiles? The attention, even when seemingly negative, is a positive. They have a totally different value system. So media just promoted them once again.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Dark Lillith said...

You're observations are, unfortunately, right on the money. The story has been filed away and the media has moved on to other more interesting items, like the issue of toll booths on the city's bridges.

There are people out there, like yourself, holding the torch. It gets heavy, I can understand that but one at a time, for each "One" - there are countless potential victims saved. It is a war of a thousand battles...

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Rez said...

have you seen this about Jeffrey Wayne Russell? good riddance to the filth. i can't wait to see what Matthew Fox gets.

3:37 AM  

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