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Finally, someone with astute logic has spoken out:

"....That doesn't mean authorities can't investigate,' Tremblay argues. 'What you investigate are people. It might take six months or a year, but the advantage is you're hitting the organizers....'"

Free speech or crime?
'Boy love' websites. Montreal is host to network for pedophiles
PAUL CHERRY, The GazettePublished: 22 hours ago

No f'ing duh, but will authorities investigate? Very doubtful.

Deliver data on a gold-plated platter about Boy(shit) members boasting of "fun-fests" with their YFs (under the age of consent - male friends) and still?????? Law enforcement (collectively in the U.S.) drags its f'ing feet while minor-age boys are sexually exploited. So sorry to cause an inconvience for officers (Not!) by reporting.

C'mon, what is up with this? A cluster of previously convicted sex offenders, over two dozen and counting, gravitate toward "Boy(shit)" and arrange for offline meet-and-greets, and still??? A piecemeal approach is taken. What bullshit. No wonder Boy(shit) members exude complacency in their posts.

How many must molest and rape before someone in law enforcement truly does take note? Where is the U.S. AG's office? Boy(shit) has been reported in the past.

If civilians can "follow along" and comprehend, why aren't the agencies we fund (via taxation) doing the same?

Pissed? You bet your ass.

It's way beyond time for some law enforcement agencies to step up and do something which the public funds: Do some fucking work for goodness sake! It's not multiple choice; we pay for the *alleged* service. The rest of us are capable and proved we are more than able to discern that Boy(shit) members are pro-active. Hell, I reported Jimf3 January 2007 - and prior. It took Wayne County officers to pursue - due to fliers. WTF is that about? But thank goodness someone did the fliers. Where would James Patrick Finn III be without those fliers?

What must parents think about their children being exploited by predators? when those predators have previously been reported but no one acted on thorough data reported? How many sodomizations might be prevented ... if only.

Wake up... agencies that dismiss reports (thinking you have all the answers but minus the history of perps in custody). You are blatant idiots. Your agencies should be held accountable when you toss aside reports

Need examples? Try these on for size and, if the shoe fits, don't bite the messenger:

Phillip James DiStasio
William A. Fink
Chad E. Frank
Kenneth M. Haggerty
Dennis M. Mintun
Jeffrey W. Russell
Steven Schurgard
Robert Vann Smith

Too many to keep going on... But, if agencies wish to continue thinking that they are "know-alls," children will continue to be exploited: Assholes.

Thank goodness there are some in law enforcement, such as with the FBI and US Marshal's office whom understand what reports mean. Some know what they're doing.

Bottom line: If you aren't with the FBI or Marshal's office? Get off your asses and do some work. It's way beyond the time you do so. Taxpayers are funding your "efforts" that enable the perpetuation of child exploitation? No, that is not what we are funding. We have a reasonable expectation that you will do your job, but: Sadly you are failing (children and families) and permitting the exploitation of children when reports are not taken seriously because you think you already know it all.

Wake up... and don't knock those whom could do your jobs better than you and with better results.


Blogger BagLady said...

Yes, the time lost between law enforcement learning about some of these people and then actually doing something about investigating and arresting...can be 18 months or more. I've seen it happen more than once. I know there was credible, verifiable info on Shurgard passed along to LE many months prior to his declaration to LE that he was a pedophile but LE adamantly denied that they had it when the source went public. It was a surreal experience, one of many.

It seems that LE wants the case made for them...all evidence gathered and verified, witnesses lined up and ready to give sworn statements, etc. but they forget that ordinary citizens cannot seize evidence from a subject and then hand it off to LE...the chain of custody might be intact but it's not verifiable. Neither do we citizens have the power to depose or otherwise get sworn statements. But that doesn't mean the info passed along isn't sound and that the collateral names supplied won't validate the info if they're asked by LE.

It would be great if LE would follow your suggestions to DO investigate...sound, solid info. One of the children ultimately protected might just belong to one of them.

2:53 AM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

Thank you.

If my recall is accurate, there were, at minimum, three groups who reported, i.e., Schurgard to authorities in FL - each not aware (at the time) the perv was reported. It's not as if it's rocket science why each did not broadcast he was reported - at the time he was reported.

For law enforcement to deny that he had been reported was stupid. Oh, I know: No one kept copies of their reports and no one has phone records showing the dates and times that calls were made.

Children and families deserve more than the "service" that LE agencies in, e.g., the state of FL provide.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous KC said...

It seems to me we should be able to quietly pick these Scumbuckets off one by one. I doubt they will be missed.

As for the law here doing anything? HA! They know about the 12 billion f**king illegals here and do nothing about them either! ( I am being sarcastic with the #'s)
If you ever read the Franklin Cover-up you know this sh*t reaches the highest places in the US and Globally.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Outenlights said...

Your frustration with the lack of initiative from so many LE agencies is very understandable.
Since they are literally wasting valuable input/evidence for helping to put away sooner rather than later the scumbags of this planet.

Seems like a lot of LE agencies need to wake up and get serious about investigating, tracking and gathering the evidence rather than waiting for it to be handed to them on a golden platter by others. If some agencies would put as much time and effort in as they do with Vice Squads and mickey mouse drug busts, then maybe more children would be safe from their predation.

To ignore input from good people like iluv2surf is totally irresponsible and downright disgraceful to all of us.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Rez said...

here's another name for your list and an answer to my earlier question-

Matthew Fox was sentenced on Thursday to life in prison for raping little boys and possession of child pornography.

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who needs investigation at all? They're not human, so human law shouldn't apply to them. Shoot them off one by one like animals! And use this 'astute logics' with any one else it is that you dislike or think 'not human'. Law and order is so old-fashioned.

2:08 AM  

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