Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Gamin"/"Dave" ... or Mathieu Lalumière

Well, now that "Gamin" ("Dave") has stated (not once but twice) that he is legally an adult, perhaps it's time for a formal Happy Birthday greeting. Choose to associate with pedophiles and continue to post at pedophile messages boards as an adult? What's that make "Gamin"? A pedophile?

What's that saying? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.... Maybe it is a duck - or a pedophile.

How could someone arrive at the name Mathieu Lalumière in relation to "Gamin" / "Dave"?

If you've ICQ installed on your desktop, input his E-mail address (the same one he has shared at pedo. boards) and it leads directly to ICQ number: 485808758. The profile that will display with ICQ installed as a desktop client differs from the info. that displays within his online page: Here. (His E-mail address doesn't show up on the web page but that is the criterion input that led to finding his ICQ page, etc.) And, so that there is no doubt about it, this is the address I entered when running a search by E-mail address: le_petit_gamin @ airpost.net (just remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol - and I took screenshots).

In his messages at pedo. boards, Mathieu "Gamin" Lalumière states he is now 18-years-old. In his ICQ data, however, he claims that his D.O.B. is: February 12, 1991. That birthdate would make him 17 and not 18. No matter: Pedos are prolific liars (Robert "murderer" Molloy claimed that he was a physician). He says he is 18 and... well, his AF (Adult Friend) "Kody" also can't/couldn't make up his mind how old he is: "Kody's" ICQ. That's interesting, since he previously stated, in the same ICQ account, that his D.O.B. is: March 30, 1952.

Now, either Gaetan "Kody" Blanchet lies at times (and when convenient) or I am. What do I have to support my claim that pedo. "Kody" lies? Read the "About" section of his ICQ page; it states: "I am male, 54 years old, I am also a single dad...." Looking at the current info. on his page, however, his D.O.B. would (mis)lead people to believe that he is age 39. It is impossible for someone to be two simultaneous ages. That's reality. He's lied - repeatedly. I wouldn't put it past his YF "Gamin" to have followed in his footsteps; after all, Gaetan did lead "Gamin" to pedo. message boards and intro'd him to other pedos.

Some may wonder how I obtained Gaetan "Kody" Blanchet's legal name. Simple: He shared his flyeagle @ videotron.ca E-mail address with someone who wasn't shy about posting on the Net; he also shared nicknames with that person. He had also given the same person his 1987 Pontiac Fiero dubbed "BlueKnight" - a nickname that Gaetan was known by at Boy(shit)Chat. But, but... you may wonder: What about his last name? how was that derived? Ohhh, quite easily: He registered a domain, for the other person, under his legal name, Gaetan Blanchet.

I'm not accusing each and every Mathieu Lalumière as being a pedophile. As a fact, I'm not even accusing the one who posts as "Gamin" / "Dave" at pedo. message boards. I'm saying: He's a pedo. sympathizer. He claims "Kody" is deceased. So why continue posting messages supportive of pedos.? if he's not pro-pedo (at the very least)?

Next question: Is "Kody" really deceased? as "Gamin" has posted? I don't know. What I do know is that Quebec published a death notice the week of August 31, 2007 for a Gaetan Blanchet that reads: "Gaétan Blanchet, 1941-2007, a Montreal dcd (EACH Maisonneuve) on August 25, aged 66 years." Same person? Maybe. Gaetan / "WhiteKnight" has lied about his D.O.B.

A trustworthy pedophile is akin to an innocent pedophile!


Anonymous Rez said...

A trustworthy pedophile is akin to an innocent pedophile!

even some of the child molesters at BoyRape have expressed more than a little skepticism about some of Kody's stories.

i was never clear on how he supposedly died. first it was the raccoon that killed him, then it was supposedly some kind of $2.00 equipment malfunction?

and who can forget the dramatic escape in the night from Chile a few years ago. the storyline loosely paralleled the one with "Dave", except the boy/man was conscripted or joined the army and froze to death in a snowstorm.

3:54 PM  

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