Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chemical Castration for John Murray Melanson - alias pedophile "Bach")?

Dr. Scott Woodside, a forensic psychiatrist, recommends intense monitoring and chemical castration for the former "BoyChat," "GirlChat," "Christian Boylove," (all-around, pro-active, offending) pedophile:

Part one of sex offender hearing case wraps up in Yellowknife

February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pedophile Nanny Donald Shepherd had Child Porn: Imagine the Shock. Not!

"....A forensic exam of Shepherd's digital devices revealed a significant amount of child pornography, police said, including more than 650 digital images and 50 videos suspected to be child pornography...."

Surprised? Shouldn't be. He boasted of viewing child porn -- in response to the blog entry entitled "Donald Jonathan Shepherd's flawed logic." Why would anyone doubt that he had child porn in possession? He said he did, and that's not something that a non-scuzball would claim.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Boychat's John "Fester" Murray Melanson Pleads Guilty

Fantastic news shared by Whitton's World! Now that the perp has pleaded, parents and others should also know his additional moniker: "Bach." Yes, that's right folks: The paedophile tried to bastardize Johann Sebastian Bach while running the B.S. "Christian Boylove Forum" and skanking off at "Boy[shit]Chat," "OpenHands," "Girl[shit]Chat," "Common Ground," et. al. In other words? He's an all-around piece of shit who might be ass-jammed in prison!

A convicted sex offender has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two boys while babysitting them several years ago in Hay River, N.W.T.

John Murray Melanson, 46, entered the plea Monday at the N.W.T. Supreme Court in Yellowknife. He also pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to comply with a probation order.

The sexual assaults took place in September 2006 in Hay River, where the New Brunswick native had been working as a cook for six months... cont'd.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Helping Jaycee Lee Dugard & The Probyn Family

The legitimate Trust Fund established is:

Jaycee Dugard Trust Fund
c/o Viewtech Financial Services
P.O. Box 596
Atwood, CA 92811

For all the vultures preying on the trauma inflicted on Jaycee and her family: You should feel ashamed of yourselves for pimping what little you think you know - for a fast $ from media. If you truly want to help, you would not be pimping information, but relaying it directly to law enforcement. Rationalize it however you want: You've prostituted your souls. Enjoyed your fleeting moments of "fame"? You've exploited for what purpose??? Your bank balance.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Looking for a Nanny? Don't hire a nightmare...

... your children deserve better and much more than someone who is all-too-willing to violate them and abuse your trust.

The following article contains some valuable tips for parents. Please: read it, print it, keep it and remember:

Darren Perron - WCAX News
Burlington, Vermont - June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Open Note to Law Enforcement re: Nanny Douglas Shepherd / Donald Shepherd

If you'd like the complete file on him (everything known about him was not appropriate to post as blog entries), please feel free to: Write.

Please know, as well, he has also resided in New York state. The moronic pedophile gave me his SSN, along with his cell phone number and address (when he lived in NY) and was, once again, looking to work as a perverted Nanny.

Gotta ponder: Why wasn't his SSN on-file with the most recent agency/employer he had, and his legal name (Donald) discerned? A search of that... Oh, there's his legal name. A Google search? Good GAWD, he's a pedophile! Betcha he pimped his delusion or persecution complex to convince the unsuspecting that he was being "picked on."

To any parent(s) reading this: Use search engines. They're free. If something shows up and again and again about someone, and you're considering hiring that person to be around your child(ren), give it second thought and get to the root of the facts. Ask questions, and plenty of them. Listen to your instincts. If you don't or can't trust your intuition, ask others for their opinions. But, for goodness sake: Do not take a risk by hiring someone who could, as it turns out with Donald Shepherd, be a friggin' pedophile.

Pedophiles have an agenda. It's not to protect your child(ren). It is to molest and/or rape them.

Pedophile+child = disaster.

Wake up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

"International BoyLove Day" (IBLD) Protest

Copyright © 2008 by Jan McMahan

Many people displaying "In Support of Children's Innocence" graphics on blogs and web sites may not understand the origin and history of the image - its text and white candle. One person, however, deeply understands the significance and symbolism. Her name is Jan McMahan, founder of OPAAT (One Predator at a Time).

Not only did she take the photographs of the white pillar and white taper candles used in the original protest IBLD graphics, she's also fully aware of how demeaning it is for pedophiles and criminals at Boy(shit)Chat to light blue candles on a day they "celebrate" their deviancy.

December 1999, the idea for protesting IBLD and stealing "thunder" from pedophiles hoping to celebrate - took root. McMahan and others contacted media and, for the first time, spoke out against IBLD. As an effect, she also learned about "Project Blue Light," launched by Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) in remembrance of fallen law enforcement officers and in honor of those who continue to serve. Placing a blue light in a window during the (December/January) holidays shows support (for fallen officers); and, a white candle, in addition to representing children's innocence, denotes support for surviving officers still serving.

June 4, 2000, McMahan co-launched the Children's Protection Campaign protesting IBLD, something that, as unbelievable as it may seem to many, did not originate with AZ, although AZ has openly invited people to use McMahan's image-creation to support children while protesting IBLD.

June 21, 2008, known to perverts as "IBLD," I interviewed McMahan. The interview, which will be presented in its entirety in Q & A format, is the next entry that will be posted here.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Gamin"/"Dave" ... or Mathieu Lalumière

Well, now that "Gamin" ("Dave") has stated (not once but twice) that he is legally an adult, perhaps it's time for a formal Happy Birthday greeting. Choose to associate with pedophiles and continue to post at pedophile messages boards as an adult? What's that make "Gamin"? A pedophile?

What's that saying? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.... Maybe it is a duck - or a pedophile.

How could someone arrive at the name Mathieu Lalumière in relation to "Gamin" / "Dave"?

If you've ICQ installed on your desktop, input his E-mail address (the same one he has shared at pedo. boards) and it leads directly to ICQ number: 485808758. The profile that will display with ICQ installed as a desktop client differs from the info. that displays within his online page: Here. (His E-mail address doesn't show up on the web page but that is the criterion input that led to finding his ICQ page, etc.) And, so that there is no doubt about it, this is the address I entered when running a search by E-mail address: le_petit_gamin @ (just remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol - and I took screenshots).

In his messages at pedo. boards, Mathieu "Gamin" Lalumière states he is now 18-years-old. In his ICQ data, however, he claims that his D.O.B. is: February 12, 1991. That birthdate would make him 17 and not 18. No matter: Pedos are prolific liars (Robert "murderer" Molloy claimed that he was a physician). He says he is 18 and... well, his AF (Adult Friend) "Kody" also can't/couldn't make up his mind how old he is: "Kody's" ICQ. That's interesting, since he previously stated, in the same ICQ account, that his D.O.B. is: March 30, 1952.

Now, either Gaetan "Kody" Blanchet lies at times (and when convenient) or I am. What do I have to support my claim that pedo. "Kody" lies? Read the "About" section of his ICQ page; it states: "I am male, 54 years old, I am also a single dad...." Looking at the current info. on his page, however, his D.O.B. would (mis)lead people to believe that he is age 39. It is impossible for someone to be two simultaneous ages. That's reality. He's lied - repeatedly. I wouldn't put it past his YF "Gamin" to have followed in his footsteps; after all, Gaetan did lead "Gamin" to pedo. message boards and intro'd him to other pedos.

Some may wonder how I obtained Gaetan "Kody" Blanchet's legal name. Simple: He shared his flyeagle @ E-mail address with someone who wasn't shy about posting on the Net; he also shared nicknames with that person. He had also given the same person his 1987 Pontiac Fiero dubbed "BlueKnight" - a nickname that Gaetan was known by at Boy(shit)Chat. But, but... you may wonder: What about his last name? how was that derived? Ohhh, quite easily: He registered a domain, for the other person, under his legal name, Gaetan Blanchet.

I'm not accusing each and every Mathieu Lalumière as being a pedophile. As a fact, I'm not even accusing the one who posts as "Gamin" / "Dave" at pedo. message boards. I'm saying: He's a pedo. sympathizer. He claims "Kody" is deceased. So why continue posting messages supportive of pedos.? if he's not pro-pedo (at the very least)?

Next question: Is "Kody" really deceased? as "Gamin" has posted? I don't know. What I do know is that Quebec published a death notice the week of August 31, 2007 for a Gaetan Blanchet that reads: "Gaétan Blanchet, 1941-2007, a Montreal dcd (EACH Maisonneuve) on August 25, aged 66 years." Same person? Maybe. Gaetan / "WhiteKnight" has lied about his D.O.B.

A trustworthy pedophile is akin to an innocent pedophile!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Steven Daniel Martinez

... RSO in the state of California. Don't believe me? Please, see for yourself: Here.

His user names? Steven Daniel Martinez; Steven Daniel Griego-Martinez; Steveo; stevedanielmartinez; stedanmar; netwerk023.

His YouTube account:

His LiveJournal account:

His "ministry" (as if it's legitimate; right!):*/

Steven Daniel Martinez is just one example of why previously convicted sex offenders should not be enabled to access the Internet!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Boychat Baby Rapists Harold Spurling & Jeffrey Brisson

Harold "Aztram" Spurling and Jeffrey "The Night Raven" Brisson went to court and entered not guilty pleas. Sure, they're innocent. Aren't they all? No. But, but, but... Spurling and Brisson are different; they're not like the rest from and who have prior convictions or who have been arrested, convicted and sentenced. Spurling and Brisson will prove they're innocent pedophiles who were framed by cops and are being persecuted. Sure, they will. Not!

Men Accused Of Abusing Children Enter Pleas
New Britain Men Remain Held On Combined $5M Bond
February 21, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

YouTube: Comedy

Friday, February 01, 2008

They Do Pedophiles Proud: Baby Rapers Harold Spurling & Jeffrey Brisson

Check out a sampling of their contribution to the boyloving pedophile community: Here.

Men Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 3-Month-Old
POSTED: 5:48 pm EST February 1, 2008
UPDATED: 9:57 pm EST February 1, 2008

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A Date with the Feds: James Patrick Finn, III

".... James Patrick Finn III, 42, is still facing federal charges of possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography. He is facing the possibility of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine ...."

2007 offered many issues that missed our top story list
By Rene Cizio, The News-Herald
January 9, 2008

Harold Spurling & Jeffrey Brisson... infant-raping scum arrested

Check out the news of their arrest: Here. And: Here. Oh, wait, there's even more: Here.

A suggestion? Throw away the key!

Their fate awaits; I predict they'll be ass-jammed in prison.

Benjamin Rzadca's Arrest Sparks Changes in Florissant, MO

Florissant votes to put new limits on sexual offenders
By Linda Lawson

Thursday, January 17, 2008's Benjamin Rzadca Arrested

By Jasmine Huda
Created: 1/16/2008 8:31:07 PM
Last updated: 1/17/2008 11:20:48 AM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

James Patrick Finn, III ... Meet the Feds

Who didn't think James Patrick Finn, III was lying every time that he denied having child porn? that he never viewed child porn? that he claimed to be so much better than those pedophiles who savor child porn?

The pervert is facing federal charges: " He faces the possibility of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine."

By Jason Alley, The News-Herald
October 24, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007


Finally, someone with astute logic has spoken out:

"....That doesn't mean authorities can't investigate,' Tremblay argues. 'What you investigate are people. It might take six months or a year, but the advantage is you're hitting the organizers....'"

Free speech or crime?
'Boy love' websites. Montreal is host to network for pedophiles
PAUL CHERRY, The GazettePublished: 22 hours ago

No f'ing duh, but will authorities investigate? Very doubtful.

Deliver data on a gold-plated platter about Boy(shit) members boasting of "fun-fests" with their YFs (under the age of consent - male friends) and still?????? Law enforcement (collectively in the U.S.) drags its f'ing feet while minor-age boys are sexually exploited. So sorry to cause an inconvience for officers (Not!) by reporting.

C'mon, what is up with this? A cluster of previously convicted sex offenders, over two dozen and counting, gravitate toward "Boy(shit)" and arrange for offline meet-and-greets, and still??? A piecemeal approach is taken. What bullshit. No wonder Boy(shit) members exude complacency in their posts.

How many must molest and rape before someone in law enforcement truly does take note? Where is the U.S. AG's office? Boy(shit) has been reported in the past.

If civilians can "follow along" and comprehend, why aren't the agencies we fund (via taxation) doing the same?

Pissed? You bet your ass.

It's way beyond time for some law enforcement agencies to step up and do something which the public funds: Do some fucking work for goodness sake! It's not multiple choice; we pay for the *alleged* service. The rest of us are capable and proved we are more than able to discern that Boy(shit) members are pro-active. Hell, I reported Jimf3 January 2007 - and prior. It took Wayne County officers to pursue - due to fliers. WTF is that about? But thank goodness someone did the fliers. Where would James Patrick Finn III be without those fliers?

What must parents think about their children being exploited by predators? when those predators have previously been reported but no one acted on thorough data reported? How many sodomizations might be prevented ... if only.

Wake up... agencies that dismiss reports (thinking you have all the answers but minus the history of perps in custody). You are blatant idiots. Your agencies should be held accountable when you toss aside reports

Need examples? Try these on for size and, if the shoe fits, don't bite the messenger:

Phillip James DiStasio
William A. Fink
Chad E. Frank
Kenneth M. Haggerty
Dennis M. Mintun
Jeffrey W. Russell
Steven Schurgard
Robert Vann Smith

Too many to keep going on... But, if agencies wish to continue thinking that they are "know-alls," children will continue to be exploited: Assholes.

Thank goodness there are some in law enforcement, such as with the FBI and US Marshal's office whom understand what reports mean. Some know what they're doing.

Bottom line: If you aren't with the FBI or Marshal's office? Get off your asses and do some work. It's way beyond the time you do so. Taxpayers are funding your "efforts" that enable the perpetuation of child exploitation? No, that is not what we are funding. We have a reasonable expectation that you will do your job, but: Sadly you are failing (children and families) and permitting the exploitation of children when reports are not taken seriously because you think you already know it all.

Wake up... and don't knock those whom could do your jobs better than you and with better results.

John "Fester" Murray Melanson - "J.M."

PAUL CHERRY, The Gazette
Published: 42 minutes ago
© The Gazette (Montreal) 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

A paradise for pedophiles

Check out this article by Martin Patriquin:

People have been sharing their comments at the following:

English (roughly translated via Google)

Who is PopaBear? He's none other than Stacey B. Katz. And: What about Ian Hodgson? Read more about him: Here. Katz and Hodgson have always been rather mouthy. LOL!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

John Melanson... Dangerous Pedophile

I don't know why the article (depicted in the screenshot above) is not opening via the CityNews website; a site search, keying Melanson, does display the article had been accessible:

If anyone knows John Melanson's whereabouts, locates him or hears from him? Please, do exactly as officers are asking: Call the numbers cited. Do not attempt to apprehend Melanson or take the law into one's own hands. Just call the police or the anonymous tip line.

If pedophiles (plenty read this blog) are helping him evade police: You aren't doing him a favor, but making the situation far worse - for yourselves and for him. Turn him in! He will be caught.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eat My Shorts, Pedophiles: Police Seek Melanson

More news about John "Fester" Murray Melanson ("Happy Camper/"Camper") is emerging.

Melanson was "apprehended" Thursday, February 22, 2007, and is now wanted (for crimes he's accused of having committed) after "failing to comply with court-ordered conditions imposed on him" (following his recent arrest):

Tue. Feb. 27 2007 6:34 PM ET

February 24, 2007: Randy Whitton noted:

Yeeeeeee hawwwwwwww, yup thats right guess who was placed under arrest in Toronto. John Melanson, 2 days after he was placed under a Canada wide Warrant. As I understand it he will be transfered back here ( Hay River ) to face charges of child molestation....

Read the following news and weep: Pedophiles whom have aided and abetted "Happy Camper/"Camper." John "Fester" Murray Melanson, co-owner of

Tuesday February 27, 2007

Pedophiles - deeply entrenched in denial and group-think - have motive for concealing the truth about Melanson from their peers.

On the other hand: I have no motive to lie about something as serious as a previously convicted child molester, and one whom law enforcement officers consider: Dangerous!

Not only do I hope that Melanson brings down the rest of his pervert "friends" who, to this day, continue covering for him, I also hope he sqaundered all the money perverts laundered - to keep online, along with the sesspool of pedophile domains he's responsible for helping.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's in a name? Everything.

Please take a close look at the screenshot (posted above). It illustrates why knowing John Melanson's first and last names was not "good enough."

Since pedophiles certainly are not broadcasting their own names, it's important that others (non-perverts) who do know their full names share the information with each other.

If only... more people could have known that Melanson was "wanted" for crimes he's been accused of committing, RCMP might have been able to arrest him several years ago - and prevented some of his acts.

The irony? The person so many pedophiles thought they were helping protect (by concealing his legal ID) could be the same person who leads to their downfall: Think of all the information Melanson knew - or had access to - in his role as co-owner of

Wonder who will be next on the list of pedophiles arrested... Hmmm.

Saturday, February 24, 2007's "Camper"... John Melanson Arrested

John Melanson, known as "Happy Camper"and "Camper" at BoyChat, was the focus of this entry: "BoyChat": Pedos' Socialization. What, on earth, will happen, now, to all the funds that pedophiles raised when - and its pedo-hosted domains - were removed by MCI Canada?

Ohh, I know, I know: Maybe all those dollars will be re-directed toward Melanson's legal defense fund now that he's been arrested.

Thank you for the excellent news, Randy!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kenneth M. Haggerty... Pinellas Park, FL

Kenneth M. Haggerty (D.O.B. October 5, 1981) is not only a registered sex offender from Pinellas Park, FL, he also facilitates his pedophile peers online.

The pedophile domain "Starry Twilight Boys" (account suspended) is registered to Haggerty. Too, he's been an adminstrative contact for the pedophile domain: Ohhh... in registering, he listed his legal name and home address - an exact match for Florida sex offender Kenneth M. Haggerty. (No one is accusing him of being a smart pedophile and child porn collector.)

Here are some of the E-mail addresses he's used:


He's known as "FlyBoyLve19" on AIM and Yahoo.

Doesn't it feel good to know that FDLE alleges that Haggerty is "under supervision"?

What type of supervision is it that allows a sex offender to host pedophile domains and act as a contact for pedophiles??? A pedophile's dream come true!

Don't leave children alone with him! He might make them subjects of a child porn stash!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Terrell B. Pittman... "phillydude32"

Terrell ("Terry") B. Pittman (D.O.B. November 19, 1970) accosted a kindergarten-age boy in a school bathroom. Pedophiles know him better as "phillydude32." He resigned from his tutoring job at Robert Blair Pollock Elementary School (Philadelphia, PA) after he "confessed."

Didn't the school district bother checking his online activities before hiring him??? If so, they would have come across his Google group posts. Here is his profile.

If anyone has a photo of him as an adult, please send it and I'll post it:

iluv2surf @
Remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol.

You can read about the pedophile here:

any school district or parent considers hiring him, please remember: He's been a member of "BoyLovers United"; a boylover is, in fact, a pedophile. Pittman's AoA (Age of Attraction) is ages 5 to 16, but, according to him "mostly 12ish."

If you know Terrell ("Terry") B. Pittman? Don't leave him alone in any bathroom (or anywhere) with boys! They are not safe around him.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Eric Torgerson... "Crispy Druid"

Eric Torgerson, D.O.B. April 23, 1983, is a pedophile who claims to reside in Van Nuys, CA; he previously lived in Lancaster, CA.

The online names he's used: Crispy Druid; CrispyDruid; The Crispy Druid; Crispy; Crispers... Notice the theme?

He has a few blogs: The Crispy Journal; Crispy; and, CrispyDruid's blog.

His profile for Google groups is here; his profile; his profile; and, his Wikipedia profile.

Torgerson also used to help moderate

Not only is he a pedophile, he also has serious weight control "issues." Don't leave him alone with your children; he could squash them to death!

If you see him behaving suspiciously around children, please: Report him to law enforcement.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"DaBest": BoyChat graduate Michael James Hussey

Who have we here? It's Michael James Hussey, D.O.B. November 13, 1972. "BoyChat" pedos know him much better as "DaBest," "michael h," and "michaels-world."

Proud2B and I thought of "DaBest" after news about "alleged" abductor Michael Devlin was reported. (Go figure why we'd think of the pedo "DaBest" from St. Louis.) I wondered why he seemed to disappear some years ago, and asked about him: here. I decided to find out what happened to him, and it didn't take very long - after searching his additional favorite haunts ( and alt.oyp.sworp).

After locating his legal name, I found out what happened to "DaBest." He graduated pedos' "BoyChat" and is, now, another of its registered sex offenders.

Check the Missouri S.O.R. You'll see that Michael James Hussey is "Noncompliant." Maybe law enforcement should comb "BoyChat" for him. After all, Benjamin Rzadca didn't waste time any time running back to "BoyChat" following his release from prison.

Once a pedophile? Always a pedophile.

Robert Vann Smith... Karma

If "what goes around comes around," Smith is in for a real treat! Karma: He literally asked for it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Donald Jonathan Shepherd's flawed logic

Ain't it grand how life can be stranger than fiction: Donald J. Shepherd (D.O.B. 09.11.85) is living proof. He appears to be desperate, trying to convince others - or himself ? - that he isn't who he has claimed to be: "....I shouldn't have taken someone's identity either. That was stupid. Using pictures of someone to gain information...." Oh, so that explains why he is still using the name Donald Shepherd???

His logic is seriously messed up. Uhmm, most notably: Contrary to his rationalization, pedos are not interested in forging a "relationship" with an 18 year-old female; they like their "girls" a whole lot younger than 18, which is what makes them pedophiles. Yahoo is not interested in adults who contact other adults and talk about sex: "....I was masquerading as an 18 yo female to lure in Perverts and report them to Yahoo...." So, he was pretending to be 18 to lure adults into communicating with someone they would reasonably believe is a young adult female, only to report them - and for what? or to attract pedophiles into contacting him? Either way: It makes no sense.

News flash, Donald: Anti-pedos have read your messages requesting that "GirlChat" admins. delete all of your posts:

PING: Admin
Posted by emovocals on Thursday, January 4 2007 at 09:44:49pm

Your name, Donald, has been linked to pedo boards - through search engines - for a long while, and you've only recently made that discovery? A little slow, wouldn't you say:

Well...Its not really
Posted by emovocals on Thursday, January 4 2007 at 11:20:50pm

You can kiss your nanny job(s) good-bye. We're not buying your attempts to conceal the fact that you are as we stated: A pedophile:

Your searching right

Posted by emovocals on Friday, January 5 2007 at 11:18:37pm

You can continue deleting (i.e., your advertisement for a bisexual f--k date on your twenty-first birthday) and you can block your profiles from public viewing. Your actions - after learning that others can access your history of posts at pedophile message boards - are nothing but futile.

You have heard of screenshots, haven't you? Anti-pedos have taken plenty - to retain what you are seeking to wipe out. You're too late. Your efforts at damage control have failed miserably.

If you attempt to post another anonymous message here about yourself, you better have verifable proof; we've heard from another pedo making claims similar to yours. Next line of crap you try feeding people? You might want to come up with something original.

The last person to purport the same as you is a convicted sex offender. We know, we know: You've both worked undercover. We're sure you do. Now, take your hands off your "software"; it might cause your stumpy to shrink. According to you, Donald, it's already "smaller than average."

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Frank Rey Lucero ... "BoyChat" pedo poster

Frank Rey Lucero was sentenced on January 9, and he will spend 20 years in federal prison!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Proud2B and I sincerely thank Ian Hodgson ("Soumy Nona"/"Somersault"/"Martin Somers"/"Tangie"/"BlueJay") for having deleted:

The italicized chimpo caught my eye one night and it led to ID'ing him as Frank Rey Lucero and locating him in Midvale, UT. If the post had been left "as is," the italics in the "Lounge" index wouldn't have jumped off the page; I wouldn't have started probing for more info. about Lucero's interest in LAN groups.

Good move, Hodgson! You helped send your friend to federal prison... 'cuz a ton of info. was sent to authorities in Utah. You were far too late in deleting. I had the original text of the message - also given to law enforcement. You did good, Hodgson, you freak pedophile.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

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Updated Entry: Anti-Crime

Jon Shepherd / Don Shepherd ... The Nanny

I wonder if this agency is aware that Jon / Don is a pedophile: Scroll to the bottom of this page to read his listing: Jon Shepherd. I predict that it won't be long before Nanny agencies know that his "interest" in children evolves from being a pedophile.

If you want to see a yet another photo that he has circulated - click: Here.

His current accounts (before he obliterates these, too): Jon Shepherd & Shepherd. Be sure to check out his photos and his "friends."

Nanny Donald Shepherd... The Pedophile

Since pedophile Donald Shepherd is attempting revisionist history, the safest thing to do is to remind people that he has misrepresented himself as being a young woman. Not only is that strange (to say the least), his activities also pose a risk to young men he has been looking to meet for a sexual encounter while using the name Emovocals. (Thank you Absolute Zero for the heads-up about his advertisement.)

Why would a man pretend to be a woman? Who knows, but it certainly can't be good news. Donald Shepherd is, in fact, a pedophile. He was born September 11, 1985. He's originally from Ohio and, now, he claims to work as a nanny and to be in/around the Pittsburgh, PA area.

He also contends: "I have been playing guitar for two years.... You can usually find me performing for small crowds of people in parks and children's hosptials all around the country."

As his behavior has evidenced: He's a pathological liar.

He claims that he has not molested any child. Would you believe him? I don't. Nor should anyone. This is a man who has also stated that he's a woman (Lillian Mayes) from the United Kingdom and that his occupation is audio/video producer. It's extreme for a man to also use a woman's photo to create a fake profile and to conceal his true identity.

Who is he trying to dupe? Children? men? or, who knows?

If he works for you as a nanny, you should contact law enforcement and find out who he really is - the truth about his background.

Do your children a favor and do not rely on information and sources he's offered. Most likely, his preferred contacts offer favorable comments about him - or he would not cite them as references.

Learn the truth about him! You owe it to your child(ren).

Donald Shepherd... The Pedophile Nanny

Here I was, minding my own business enjoying the New Year, when who bumbles along and decides it's a good time for him to confirm that he's a pedophile? Donald Shepherd.

The only mistake made, in the past, was not doing a poll, speculating how long it would take for him to show up here and make an even bigger fool of himself.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Must be sinking in...

... that we did not get any of our info. about pedos from some child abusing man (now deceased) named Mike Echols.

Looking at the things Echols stated, thanks to newsgroups and the WayBack Machine, the dead child abuser was inaccurate. Knowing that Echols was inaccurate must have provided a false sense of security for perverts. How anyone would've taken what the dead man stated seriously, it also creates questions about those who did accept what he wrote as "truth."

Our goal and track record: Accuracy. If that's not crystal clear to people, get glasses. We don't make wild guesses.

Someone may need to call the wagon for Gordon White; he's losing it:

Posted by Purple Panther Cat on 2006-December-5 23:34:22, Tuesday

We offered Gordon time to recant the misinformation he attempted to state at "BoyChat," only he chose not to retract. He self-outted long ago. Can't help he did that to himself and that he has created a false persecution complex.

It probably helped Gordon immensely (not!) to see that Ian Hodgson revoked his registration:

PPC's registration revoked
Posted on December 3, 2006 at 17:52:45 by Techforum

Who needs to do a take-down on "BoyChat"? Its participants are doing a good job of tearing each other apart. And, who woulda guessed? Ohhh, we did!

ROTFL at the predators. Is Gordon P. White still laughing? Don't think so!

About the image at the entry below...

For better readability of the image, you might have to download it, open it, and magnify or enlarge it in an image viewer on your computer.

The message is entitled "My mom found out & about Jyme"; it was posted by "Kolekona Paulo Keo'keo," Gordon P. White; it is dated Wednesday, July 2, 1997; and, it originally appeared at this (old/outdated) URL for "BoyChat"

There's no worry that links cited, in the previous entry, will be deleted. As pedos know: Screenshots enable preserving what pedos want wiped off the Net:

Our Worst fears are true
Posted by Komerat on 2006-December-4 15:57:12, Monday

We've known Gordon White's ID and location for nearly a decade, and we discovered it by info. he penned.

Despite his ramblings, we've never contacted him. We've also never tried killing him - or attempted to incite any type of violence against any pedo. Sounds like Gordon could use some A.A. meetings:

I know...
Posted by PPC on 2006-December-5 15:06:28, Tuesday

Remembering who you are, Gordon P. White... "PPC"

After giving you time to recant your mis-statements (and recall who you truly are), it's time to help you remember your name and your past, Gordon P. White.

As mentioned within this entry, you are: Gordon P. White, of Massachusetts, D.O.B. November 10, 1964.

Your past and present nicknames that you've used at "BoyChat": Kolekona Paulo Keo'keo (KPK), also known as DTBL, Spirit Man, Chief Crazy Loose Cannon, now Purple Panther Cat (PPC).

E-mail addresses that you've used:;;;;;;;;;;

You can congratulate yourself and (former) "Webmaster Curtis" - who is really Howard Raymond, of WellFleet, Nebraska, D.O.B. June 15, 1954 - for providing your address:

Moped Army: Moped Owners Directory
Kolekona Paulo Keo'keo

Post by proxy from PPC
Posted by Webmaster Curtis on 2002-July-6 22:24:30, Saturday

Howard Raymond also kindly cited your address:

Announcing new board for friends of PPC.
Posted by Webmaster Curtis on 2002-October-7 10:05:23, Monday

ICQ numbers that you've used: 170717917; and, 72303981 (the one where you chose to enter your D.O.B., November 10, 1964).

A way for you to remember your first name is at Point of View:

From: Gordon a.k.a. Kolekona (HH)
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 15:20:45

From: Kolekona Paulo Keo'Keo (HH)
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 10:53:59

And, for toppers, here's a guestbook that both you and former NAMBLA "Bulletin" editor William ("Bill") Andriette had signed.

Now, you should have no problem remembering your own name, Gordon, and your geographic location, in Massachusetts. If there's anything else you need help remembering, well... we haven't a problem refreshing your memory.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Let's put it this way, William A. Fink... "Hulann"

Purple Panther Cat (PPC) is not the cause of what you did to "out" yourself at "BoyChat" - or anyplace, for that matter. Nor did he out anyone!

July 8, 2001: You ID'd yourself for us, William! Talk about stupidity... You've got more than your fair share. But that's to be expected from a sex offender.

You shouldn't be pointing a finger of blame at anyone... but yourself:

Waves Goodbye but not goodluck
Posted by Hulann on 2006-December-3 17:04:34, Sunday

I Googled your name, "Hulann," and PPC's. Here are the results:

You have no room to criticize anyone, William. You're a total idiot. And, to boot: You're a previously convicted sex offender. Ohh... can you hear me now, William: No one killed you after you outted yourself, so stop the drama queen routine. It isn't pretty.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Message to PPC


You did nothing wrong on BoyChat. It's not your fault that people were outed here. You didn't do it; the people outed did it themselves. We aren't asking anyone to kill themselves, especially not you. If you'd like to talk you can reach us at iluv2surf @ Just remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol. Please don't do anything silly. We really don't think you're a pedophile. We're more inclined to think you're gay rather than a pedophile. Please contact us. We promise not to try to get info from you. We don't need it.

"Norbert" ... Not Shy

Why was the original "BoyChat" post above (depicted by the screenshot) altered by "BoyChat's" Maintenance Elf? Didn't want pervs to see the names ... or ... trying to hide the names from antis and others? Hmmm.

Here's the altered version:

Re: Security Reminder
Posted by Norbert on 2006-December-3 02:51:42, Sunday
In reply to Security Reminder posted by Somersault on 2006-December-3 02:40:32, Sunday
(Remember: copy/paste the links from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

Bill Evans, no, your name was not deleted. You asked, and, now, you know:

If my name...
Posted by Bill Evans on 2006-December-3 09:52:27, Sunday
In reply to Re: Security Reminder posted by Norbert on 2006-December-3 02:51:42, Sunday

Paul Edward Vose... "slvrspun"

"BoyChat's" Paul Edward Vose is heeeeere:

Seems his legal problems really taught him a lesson. Not!

Discovering his past was a no-brainer - after reading his resumé, which he had posted on the Net and, later, removed.

Boooooooo! Paul, I'm letting you know that the nickname - you use while posting as a paedo at perv message boards - is in this blog entry, since you asked to be notified. You, moron:

I don't normally visit them
Posted by slvrspun on 2006-December-3 07:45:00, Sunday
In reply to Nothing new posted by Maintenance Elf on 2006-December-3 06:35:46, Sunday
(Remember: copy/paste the link from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Many Thanks "PPC" ... Gordon P. White

It's rather evident you read this blog.

Your post affirms what we have known for a very long time. Don't worry that you did something wrong by posting for pedos to also see that you, too, know whom "Tangie" is in Real Life (RL).

He outted himself long ago with his carelessness. He also led to us learning the ID of his former YF, "Teraniel." (No, we won't be sharing info. about "Teraniel" here; he was exploited amply by Ian Hodgson, whom threatens to kill himself in an attempt to evoke a response from his fromer YF. Hodgson will need to deal with the mis-placed guilt he wants to impose on his YF/victim, but the perp is too messed up in the head and self-pity to "get it." He's a lost cause.)

Please... read and re-read as many times as you need: If Hodgson wants to string himself up from a tree, that is his problem. We cannot stop him. If he does it, it's not anyone else's problem - unless he does a "Gort" in a park where kids might see him hanging. That is trauma... and becomes a prob. for kids whom will see him dangling :(.

The point: "Gort" (Chris Nolan) and his roomie, Phil DiStasio, constantly stated at BC that they'd never hurt a boy. Well, ol' "Gort" was really thinking of boys when he strung himself to a tree and dangled in a park? He had no idea who would discover his body. That suggests, he didn't care who he hurt, even if it was a boy who found him hanging.

If Ian Hodgson wants to act so stupidly, we simply say: Do it in private. That's our point. Don't do it where there is a risk a child may have to discover him hanging around. But... he won't. He's just out for the drama. He can get mental health. Goodness knows: He needs it! But... he doesn't get the professional help his public display of "issues" warrant.

That lame-o "d" (at BC) requested a deletion of confirmation, and he got the telling post deleted: Kudos to "d" - from Texas! But... then, again, we really didn't need "d" to affirm anything; we know all about "Tangie."

It's always nice when others prove our points, though.

BTW: PPC, your name has been Gordon P. White for years. Why anyone thinks that that will magically change... Hmmm. Ain't gonna happen.

Damien Roberto Andres Cole, Robert Vann Smith, and so many perps who have been exposed keep trying.

Take a different approach. You don't even have plausible deniability.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why do BLs shield "Tangie"/"Somersault"

Ian Hodgson must have some really good "poop" on the rest of the pedos that they allow him to verbally beat on one of their own:

It's outing, pure and simple.
Posted by Somersault on 2006-December-1 00:09:16, Friday
In reply to Yes, but... posted by fntm on 2006-November-30 22:56:13, Thursday
(Remember: copy/paste the link from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

The perp has lost it! He just cries "I'm gonna kill myself" all over the place, and yet... the pedo freak runs "back-up" forums???

Who trusts this freak? Ohh, other pedos. He's just so f'ing borderline that even pedos should be running from him, but, nooooooo...

Instead, Ian Hodgson ends up the "point man" for pedos whom rape boys and end up incarcerated. Nice go-between he's elected himself to be and others allow. What is it that he has over the rest that they enable his dysfunctional relations with others? and encourage him?

Ahhh, he's another Robert Vann Smith. They gave Ian Hodgson too much detail. They fear he's gonna wig out and flip on them, too.

The pedo freaks have more than one loose cannon in their ranks :).

Stupid "Somersault" (Ian Hodgson) thought he could wipe out posts at the forums he runs; he attempted deleting posts for Frank Rey Lucero. Uhhh, he was too late. What he thought he had deleted had already been saved; those posts led to his perp pal Lucero finding his way into federal prison.

The more Hodgson says and does, the deeper he sinks pedos. He's so funny to watch. He's so ... into himself. And, no, he won't kill himself. He only threatens for attention. If he does, I hope it's not in a park like a "Gort" (Chris Nolan) since pedos claim they'd never hurt a child. No child need see a sex predator dangling from a tree branch.

If Hodgson wants to kill himself, just let him do it in private.

Ahh-ohh... Ian Hodgson is Angry

What's the matter with him? He's over-reacting to Purple Panther Cat (Gordon P. White) for posting:

I know what had happened with Ghost Writer
Posted by Purple Panther Cat on 2006-November-30 11:51:40, Thursday
(Remember: copy/paste the link from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

"Tangie" (Ian Hodgson) might threaten to kill himself, yet, again.

If Hodgson pulls a "Gort" (Chris Nolan), it's not your fault, Gordon White, and, you can be sure: You'll be able to find out here - just as you learned why Robert Vann Smith seemed to disappear.

"Tangie" has issues. LMAO!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What happened... Robert Vann Smith?

Oh, I see: Robert Vann Smith has been arrested; the photo (above) is from Thanks to comments by The Antis: Updates on the War Against Pedophilia Online, we learned of the arrest:

"....The suspects were identified as Robert Vann Smith, 39, a native of Georgia, and Nicholas Joseph Simons, 31, of San Diego. Simons has been charged with rape, sexual abuse and corruption of minors. Smith was charged with corruption of minors and sex abuse. Carmen Ignacia Rodríguez, mother of one of the boys, was charged with neglect...."

Purple Panther Cat (PPC) had asked about Robert Vann Smith - whoops, I mean, "GhostWriter":

Do anyone know what's up with Ghost Writer?
Posted by Purple Panther Cat on 2006-November-28 18:40:06, Tuesday
(Remember: copy/paste the link from this blog; pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

The "BoyChat" pedos aren't about to announce the arrest of Smith and Simons.

PPC (otherwise legally known as Gordon P. White, of Massachusetts, D.O.B. November 10, 1964) can learn about it from us.

Earlier entries (in this blog) have been written about Smith here and here. There is absolutely no doubt that it is the same person. Compare the photo (above) with this.

Oddly, Smith thought it wise to write us after he noticed the entry about Russell T. Kinkade:

Sent: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 12:29:44 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: You Are So Laughable

What the hell makes you think I moved to
California ? Much less to the same neighborhood
as this Russell Thomas Kinkade fellow ?

And what the hell makes you think I live in
California at the moment ?

There are people who have jobs that require them
to do an aweful lot of travelling, you know.

You are so laughable it's pathetic.

Senior Moderator For Common Ground

Owner And Web Master Of Ghost Tales

What can we say: Smith is living proof that intelligence is not one of his strengths.

Uhmm, someone might want to let Gordon P. White (PPC) know that Robert Vann Smith will roll0ver and squeal like the fat pig that he has proved himself to be - repeatedly:

I know I am doing be fine but...
Posted by PPC on 2006-November-29 12:27:17, Wednesday
In reply to Weather I like you or not posted by kody on 2006-November-29 01:10:49, Wednesday

Monday, November 27, 2006

Make no mistake about it... Damien Cole

... didn't delete his blog fast enough. ROTFL! The screenshot (above) is from the blog where his (former?) SoCal fur friends knew him better: Crassus Destanion.

No matter what name Damien Cole has used, accusations have followed him: Busted!!!

Betcha... AHM has ample images of him, too, and doesn't need to continue borrowing images (and text) from here.

"Rookiee" exposed ...

Amazing! We had December 3, 2006 slated as the date for sharing about Damien Cole /Rookiee. As we were preparing, Velocity did the deed. LOL! Too cool. Since "Rookiee" is now semi-out, here's some of the rest:

His legal name is: Damien Roberto Andres Cole (D.R.A.C.) of Pomona, California. He's also legally known as: Damien R.A. Cole, and he's attended Mt. San Antonio College. You can read much more about him: Here.

He's also known - to his SoCal Fur friends (more likely, however, they are his former friends) - as Crassus Destanion.

We located him through his (now defunct) domain and old news :

From: Rookiee
Date: Tues, Nov 17 1998 12:00 am
Email: "Rookiee"

Here is someone claiming that he was reported to the FBI in 2001.

Here are other "furs" expressing disgust with his (Cole's) "rape" role play.

He eventually gravitated to "BoyChat" (men discussing their love for boys). Any wonder why he'd feel drawn to a litany of men with priors for molesting boys?

Is it by mistake that Velocity would also claim that "Rookiee" is Damien Cole?

Independent of one another, both blogs have ID'd Rookiee, not knowing the legal name we had each discovered. While it is entirely possible that Velocity gleaned that we also had Rookiee's legal ID (from various blog entries made), we were not aware of the name that Velocity found.

There's no mistake about it: Rookiee is Damien Roberto Andres Cole - born October 23, 1977.

... and kudos, once again, to Velocity for also nailing "Rookiee's" legal ID ... When this entry was originally posted, I mistakenly credited Rikijo for doing the deed. (After a week of house-guests, posting at 2:30 in the morning didn't mix well.)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ian Hodgson's update on pedo boards

He can call himself "Somersault"/"Martin Somers"/"Tangie"... WTF: He's still legally known as Ian Hodgson.

He claims authorization to announce that BoyChat and its adults perving over little girls board (GirlChat) will be back online between Friday (this week) or Monday (next week): Official word.

Here's a link to the perv's (Ian Hodgson's) other board: Somersault's Backup Tech Forum.

Ohhh, did folks know that he's a member of MENSA? Yep, that's right. But who really cares since he's a lame pedo who lost a teaching job after perving too far and too much over boys. Not very bright! He doesn't seem to account for the fact that PJ and more Anti-pervs are far more aware of what's happening. Gotta luv it!

Why the perv still has a back-up "board" to facilitate communication among sex predators ??? Maybe the host is not aware of how its services are being exploited by child rape advocates? with criminal records?

Also, check out Ian Hodgson's pro-perv material masked as a "collection of stories." Does Amazon know of his disposition toward child rape? Paths to Triplos. The publisher is PublishAmerica. Go figure why a perp would choose what... vanity press?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full of himself at BoyChat... Jimf3 likes attention

... and, he's earned it. His arrogance stands in his own way of seeing situations clearly that don't entail exercising/exploiting his own temperment.

While he may credit himself with pedos assisting in his staging to raise thousands of dollars to keep pedo domains online, he's also very short-sighted. Of course PJ knows there is co-location taking place in Sweeden: All the Way to Sweeden.

The following links (noted below) were compiled by Proud2B and are directly relevant to Jimf3; the URLs will have to be copied/pasted since the pedos at BC have blocked direct links from this truthful blog. After reading his posts, some may wonder: "Okay, so what's the point?"

Jim is a man whom is into boys; he's a pedophile - after all. He was dishonorably discharged from military service due to accusations that he crossed legal boundaries. He was not acquitted; the little boy just simply did not want to testify. Well, how could that be? why wouldn't the child testify? Maybe for some of the same reasons that BC moderators saw fit to also "ban" the man for his verbal tirades. He has an overbearing personality. Maybe he scared the crap outta the boy. But... most important to remember: this same man has a YF (young friend, which is a euphemism for boy) named "Tim"? Makes sense. Not! No pedophile should be close to any child!

Exactly who is Jimf3 anyway? Check this out:

He's been quite vocal in knocking organized religion and yet also works at church structures he's boasted about at BC.

You want attention, Jim? Enjoy being so full of yourself you can't see past yourself: vet bill for turtle. more Tim and extortion Tim's turtle eats crayfish Fundraiser post Epifora is safe Initial post asking for help raising funds. Tim's birthday Jim's $1000.00 pledge and challenge More Tim Tim and catfish Tim and kiss Tim the author Tim and the LOVE word Tim wanting Jim to be dad. Tim and dinner Tim trouble at school Tim suspended Helping Tim with homework How he met Tim Tim jumping in creek Tim and Jim Cooking for Tim Tim in Bedroom Tim off meds More Tim feeding turtles Tim and Hugs

Betcha you're delighted you know so much, eh :).

"BoyChat": Pedos' Socialization

Free Spirits BoyChat & "Social interactions among paedophiles"

Social interactions among paedophiles by Pierre Tremblay, School of Criminology, University of Montreal

Here is what Jason Garrison - who designed (2001) and designed and co-webmastered and (2000 - 2001) - had written about the Tremblay document:

"....I also want to comment that the individual who spoke to Pierre Tremblay about Free Spirits and BoyChat was none other than my ex-roommate, John Melanson, child molester and pathological liar...."

The comment (above) originally appeared at Garrison's (now defunct) site: .

Saturday, November 04, 2006

GhostWriter... could it, would it be... Robert Vann Smith

Why, yes, of course, he's one in the same lamer from the pedo boards!

Epifora... liking its new host in the U.S.?

Don't get too cozy, pervs.

Oh, that's Epifora's new IP address (November 2, 2006).

The source: Netcraft.

Y'think a storm is brewing? Wait 'til PJ sends out the welcome wagon, perps! Hee hee.

The name of the host couldn't possibly be more appropriate for what'll hit the fan: Hurricane.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Light a Candle...

... for the Innocent Victims of Online Child Abuse.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A lifesaver...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Phillip DiStasio behind prison walls...

DiStasio's next parole board hearing? July 2073. He never looked as good as he does now: Incarcerated! Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction:

Monday, October 16, 2006

Pedophile Phillip DiStasio Sentenced

Y'think while BoyChat perverts are contesting being booted from MCI Canada that they'll remember their perv pal Phil? He was one of their own for such a long time. But now... He's headed to prison - for Life! He won't be hurting any more children: 26 life sentences (plus some years for his crimes) and no opportunity for parole.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Updated Entry: Anti-Crime

Anti-Crime Links

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Russell T. Kinkade... "Abraxas"?

BoyChat (pedo chat) poster "Abraxas" is all worked up over California's Proposition 83:

Proposition 83 in CA ('Jessica's Law')
Posted by Abraxas on 2006-September-30 15:01:56, Saturday
(Remember: copy/paste the link above from this blog; some pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

Could it be, would it be... "Abraxas" is listed as a registered sex offender at California's Megan's Law site? Possibly: He is Russell Thomas Kinkade? Hmmm.

Let's see: BoyChat (and GC) poster "GhostWriter" (legally known as Robert Vann Smith) had moved all the way from Georgia to California. Ohhh, Smith moved to the same street as Kinkade. Coincidence? Maybe not!

No wonder Kinkade is having a fit over Prop. 83; he lives near 3 schools!

Let's hope Prop. 83 passes.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Serge Shoemaker... long time no see

Serge has resurfaced - at Girl Chat (GC). He used to go by the nym "Serge Valinium," but his real name is Serge Shoemaker.

These days, he's posing as "yesmartenebnoj." Oh, let's save some time. That's actually jonbenetramsey spelled backwards. He's obsessed with her (and has been for a long time).

I'm in love with JonBenet Ramsey
Posted by yesmartenebnoj on Tuesday, September 19 2006 at 02:31:35am
(Remember: copy/paste the link above from this blog; some pervs have blocked clickables from here.)

Why does a grown man fall in love with a LG???
Posted by yesmartenebnoj on Tuesday, September 26 2006 at 02:37:57am

People might not remember Serge; he went away (from his home in Alabama) to college for a while in TN. Ironically, or weird enough, his home in AL was near the area where John Mark Karr springboarded. Yep, that's right: Karr, the guy who gave a false confession to having murdered JonBenet.

The following is verbatim, and what Serge wrote (in 1999) to someone, whose privacy is being protected in this blog. The recipient's name appears as ***** in the following. Again, it's not to protect him, but the person he was writing, who was not, is not, and has never been a pedophile or sexual predator; info. that ID's the recipient is denoted by * characters:

Received: from ( [***.31.36.***]) by (v56.26) with SMTP; Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:12:05
Received: from ( [])
by (8.8.8/8.8.5/AOL-4.0.0)
with SMTP id OAA10324 for <**********>;
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:12:01 -0500 (EST)
Date: 15 Feb 1999 17:25:23 -0000
Message-ID: <>
From: Serge Valinium
To: **********
Subject: What is in a name? Everything.......
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit

Dearest *****,

Please forgive the following disclaimer. I know that you respect
my right to protect myself, in case this mail might fall into the
wrong hands.

The following is a story about someone who really loved his
little friend. This "someone" is not necessarily me. After
speaking to certain legal counsel, I was informed that I could
safely speak of a particular child, if it was done in an indirect
way; not that this is how the following account is directed. The
bottom line here is the fact that I will not admit to being the
party involved in this story. This story may be a work of fiction
or a work of complete truth. So now after casting this web of
doubt over the entire account, I will proceed.

There once lived, in a large house, with her mommy and daddy; a
pretty little Princess. She had long blonde hair and green eyes.
I chanced to meet her because I was indirectly doing business
with her family.

She caught my attention right away. She was very smart and
friendly. She was also very playful. She liked to giggle and run
away. She was a little "show-off". I was enjoying every aspect of
her show.

She was a vision of Heaven. She was so pretty; so perfect. I fell
in love with her from the very start. Knowing her lovely green
eyes were seeing me made me feel honored to be in her presence. I
was in awe of this lovely little Goddess. Her precious little
body was so perfect. Her voice was sweet and playful. Her spirit
was like sunshine; it warmed me. I was falling deeply in love
with this little Princess.

My encounter with her was very brief. I saw her several times on
my visits to her house. I had a few short moments alone with her.
I did get a chance to hold her.

Upon leaving one night, I took out my teacher's red pen and asked
for her little hand. I drew a heart in her left hand and said,
"When we are apart, look inside your left hand. There, you will
find my heart. Though we are apart, you always hold my heart in
your hand. It is your reminder that I love you."

On one cold December night, my little love was taken. I would
never see her again. She was only on this earth for 6 short
years. Her life was filled with wonderful things. Her death was
torture and all that was bad. I know she was so lonely and
terribly frightened in her final hours. I am sure she called out,
to those she loved, for help. No help would come. This Princess
was fated to die.

Today, I will visit her grave. As I drive to the cemetery, where
her sweet body lies, I think of her lovely face, her loving way,
her playful and flamboyant spirit.

I hope I will be alone with her at her grave. My car is very
conspicuous. I fear there are surveilance cameras aimed at her
grave. My car enters the tall wrought iron gates. A sigh of
relief; I am alone with her at last. I always walk slowly to her
grave; talking to her as I go.

I take my position by her gravestone. I speak to her; "Oh
sweetheart, I love you so much. Do you know how special you are
to me? I miss you. I can't believe your beautiful body is just 18
inches from me now. We are alone. At this moment, you are all
mine. How I love you."

I caress the slab that rests on top of her grave and also, the
headstone atop the marble slab. My fingers lightly; sensuously,
trace across the letters in her sweet name. "My sweetness, I want
your spirit to leave this place and follow me. I want your sweet
spirit to rise and go home with me and follow me endlessly. I
want your precious spirit to rise from this grave and come inside
my body; your little heart beating inside my heart. Now, my
little love, I will kiss your name on this stone to signify my
undying love for you. When my lips touch your name, I will
feel your lips touch mine." And so I kiss my lover's lips. I kiss
her sweet and wonderful name: JonBenet Patricia Ramsey.


Heee's baaack! He's for real, all right, and he's originally from Alabama - just like John Mark Karr. Serge Shoemaker can change his nym, but, as we've seen with other pedos: He can't change his legal ID without going through the courts. He's not made it easy on himself.